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 Understanding Us...

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PostSubject: Understanding Us...   Understanding Us... Icon_minitimeMon Aug 27, 2007 7:00 pm

Understanding BrainSt0rm

The backbone of every successful project is vision. Our primary objective is to allow that vision a means to manifest itself through our creative efforts in our soundscapes.

We want to connect with our audience and transport them into a world of our design. Taking the time for good craftmanship and intellectual exploration. Establishing a channel of effective communication for feedback on what places people have always wanted to visit, then going ahead with the musical construction of these mystic realms.

Finding a way to bridge ancient tribal sound with cutting edge technology.We Forge our idea with digital firepower and expanding progressive technique. We take a look at the vivid imagery and paint the soundscape into life.

The commitment to delivering high quality Ambient soundscapes is the pure focus of Keith Alban and Sven Klitsch. The two soundscapers have been refining the ever-evolving sounds of BrainSt0rm for over 4 years together.

Connecting to the core of endless imagination, BrainSt0rm pushes multiple levels of activity. We produce solid, mastered Ambient and Chillout. Then, shifting gears into charged Elektro, We create what we refer to as Chillhouse and Drum n’ Space. Stretching into the metropolitian sounds of Lounge and also covering epic video game sound design.

We believe that thru the conquering of massive challenges such as real time production on multiple genrés is a form of mental discipline. It keeps us open for many different styles and spontaneous delivery. That provides quick production and satisfaction with with our product.

That is the name of the game.

Serious, deicated and highly charged, BrainSt0rm awaits the breakthrough. The chance to tell the tale to the masses. Given the chance, BrainStorm Operations is able to produce enchanting live performances and a diverse, entertained audience.

We are ready to conduct operations on our motto all along....

Chill The Planet...”

Chill The Planet ©
St0rm- Admin

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Understanding Us...
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