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 Große Übersicht - Huge overview

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PostSubject: Große Übersicht - Huge overview   Thu Aug 23, 2007 8:02 pm


BrainSt0rm Productions - 360° Soundspherical Artists

___________________Sven Klitsch und Keith Alban___________________

Unser Motto ist “Chill the Planet

Unser Ziel ist es qualitativ hochwertige Musik zu produzieren,
um einen Ruhepol in dieser hektischen Welt zu schaffen.

Ansprechpunkte sind z.B. Hintergrundmusik für Beauty Farms,
Wellness Parks, Esoterik, Yoga, Heilbäder etc. Aber auch
Web music, Game music, Film music etc.

Ambient, Chillout, Lounge, Chillhouse, House, Drum`n´Space ... Events

Ein Auszug unserer Projekte:

....:::::::::::::: ZODIAC :::::::::::::....

 Sternzeichen in athmosphärische meditative Klangwelten gehaucht, die
sich seidig samtweich an unserer Seelen anschmiegen.

Dieses wird unser erstes Album sein, das als PromoMedium durch die
Labels segeln wird.

Wir wissen das Ihr in Musikalischer Chillout und Ambientmusik genauso
hin hört und die Athmosphären ebenso aufsaugt und versteht wie wir es tun !

Deshalb wünschen wir euch eine wunderbare Reise durch die vielen wundervoll interessanten Sternzeichen.

....:::::::::::::: CULTURES :::::::::::::....

 Verschiedene Kulturen und Epochen dieser Welt. Typische Klangwelten
der einzelnen Kulturen und Epochen vereint in einer Ambient-Athmosphäre die den Zuhörer
auf eine fantastische Reise schicken.

....:::::::::::::: MYTOLOGIE :::::::::::::....

 Verschiedene Mytologien dieser Welt.

....:::::::::::::: SOLARSYSTEM :::::::::::::....

 Unser Sonnensystem


Jeder dieser Planeten ist von einer geheimnisvollen Aura umgeben. Diese Auren drücken wir in
Melodien und Sphären aus. Reise mit uns zu den einzelnen Planeten.

....:::::::::::::: DIGITAL RAINFOREST :::::::::::::....

 Durchstreife mit uns musikalisch durch die Regenwälder dieser Erde.
Entdecke Ambient Pur mit schönen Melodien und verschiedene Geräuschkulissen vom Regenwald selbst
und seinen unzähligen Bewohnern.

....:::::::::::::: DESERTS :::::::::::::....

 SAHARA, Mahavi, GISEH…, die weiten Steppen Afrikas und weitere Wüstenregionen dieser Erde
erwarten deine Aufmerksamkeit. Denn es herrscht in der Wüste nicht nur absolute Stille.
Es gibt verschiedene Tierarten die sich diesem Leben in der Wüste angepasst haben, natürlich viel Sonne aber auch Wind, Stürme und Regen. Lasst euch überraschen wie Spannend Wüsten und Steppen seien können.

....:::::::::::::: HOUSE @ HOME :::::::::::::....

 Bei “House @ Home” erwartet dich eine AudioCD in “Dolby Sourround™” für Clubs, Diskotheken, Auto, Unterwegs oder Zuhause. Aus den Bereichen Chillhouse, House und Minimal wird dir entweder Entspannung gegönnt
oder dir eingeheizt.

....:::::::::::::: METROPOLE :::::::::::::....

 Städte dieser Welt, die jeder kennt, geben sich die Ehre. Ob die nördlichste, die dicht besiedeltste, die berühmteste oder die schönste Stadt, alle stellen sich vor und laden zu einer musikalischen Rundreise ein. Reise mit uns zu den bekanntesten Städten dieser Erde.

Manhatten (USA), London (GB), Reikjaviek (Nordpol), Berlin (D), Paris (F), Madrid (SPA), Rom (Italien), Moskau (RUS), Tokio (JAP), Sydney (AUS) und weitere.

Bleibt also gespannt und haltet euch fest !

Wir kommen Cool

Mit musikalischen Grüßen
Sven Klitsch
Keith Alban

===> More words of concepts in english:

Allow me to take you deeper inside of our planned performance. It is not only about the music that is performed…but an overall assault on the senses. We believe that the more we have an impact on ALL of the audiences’ senses, the more it results in a longer lasting impression and desire to re-live the BrainSt0rm experience.

These results are achieved thru the usage of visual stimulation, (sight) aroma-therapy, (smell) sub-sonic frequencies (touch/feel) and of course, Auditory stimulation. (hearing)

Upon arrival, the guest is immediately greeted by the unusual. Working with our partner affiliates, independent artists and the location itself, we would like the BrainSt0rm guest to be awe-struck from lit torches that lead the way up to the location. “Living statues,” that are magnificently painted, and ambient sounds of nature at the door. As the visitor comes into the performance area, they are transported into a world of our design.

Ambient: 90-180 mins.

Green leaves of the “fairy forest” concept surround the guest, a feeling of rich life in abundance, enchanting atmosphere that is subdued, with indirect unconvential lighting. The presence of artificial scents like Jasmine, Cinnamon or Sandalwood would also add to the depth of our performance. Plants and trees are the majority of the atmospheric focus here.
To take the listener into a secluded and comfortable theme is what BrainSt0rm has planned. With tiny white lights hidden amongst the plants, that remain off until the performance has begun already, in which they would then slowly be faded in. Adding a “glow” factor and surprise as the “fairies” then come to life during the performance. An element of imagination along with attention to detail in construction is how BrainSt0rm will captivate the audience thru the conceptual concept of “the Ambient Fairy Forest.”

Lounge: 90-120 mins.

Iridescent, elegant and stylish, is what BrainSt0rm has planned to set the stage in concerning the Lounge set. This performance is primarily enhanced thru the use of “Color Psychology.” The soothing effects of constant color rotation thru luminescent globes, cubes and props with the intention to induce the cerebral cortex to produce more serotonin or “happy juice,” which is the chemical substance in the brain that produces a feeling of pleasure, joy and comfort. Chrome accents reflect a dim purple glow from the black lights that line the performance area. If possible, a large number of lava lamps could contribute considerably to a lounge atmosphere. The performance itself would be done by the artists dressed in white, which under the glow of the black lights produce a dramatic contrast in color. Visuals played over the “beamer,” would support the music thru synchronized footage of various video materiel, adding to the metropolitan feel of the Lounge set. A popular scent for this set would be Nag CHAMPA or perhaps Lavender.

Chill – Out: 120-180 mins.

The chill out set is a sleek, hypnotic performance. Spacey and futuristic is BrainSt0rms’ concept. It includes the following: The BrainSt0rm sphere, a large black orb that has BrainSt0rm wrapped around the center. indistinctly lit from behind or written in NASA neon and interesting, a “must have” for the Psybersphere show by BrainSt0rm. Video plays a big role in this set, allowing the guest to see pictures of outer space as we perform the music live to induce such a mind-set. The chill out set is also supported by the black light and chrome accentuation, anything that has a futuristic “feel” for example; glowing L.E.D.s, my 3 robots and lightning globes, or plasma displays would compliment this set enormously. Soft subdued illumination and scents of Peppermint, Cedar or Patchouli oil would be a great “feel good” factor concerning the aroma-therapy aspect.

Electro/house: 120-210 mins.

An electrifying dance set, with lots of “air” on the dance floor. ventilators are part of this set that sustain a comfortable boogie atmosphere, circulate the aroma-therapy and add to the guest’s enjoyment of a BrainSt0rm’s concert. A relatively flexible set that adapts quite effortlessly to any location, we still are able to retain that “BrainSt0rm flair.” This set is a great way to be able to dance, relax and enjoy delight in the more up beat side of BrainSt0rm’s music. Nominal in nature, this set requires few props, atmospheric enhancements or expansion. Our focus is to perform live over 2 laptops, keyboards. and special effects.

An Evening With BrainSt0rm: 4 hours plus

The full program. We start the audience out dancing, and then send them home chilled out. Atmospheric enhancement is adapted to meet the requests of the house. A mesmerizing experience with all the tricks and gadgets that BrainSt0rm has to offer.

Save journey,
Keith alias St0rm
Sven alias Brain

BrainStorm Operations
...:::Chill The Planet:::... ©
Brain - Admin
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Große Übersicht - Huge overview
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