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 Digital Rainforest

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PostSubject: Digital Rainforest   Tue Aug 21, 2007 10:41 am

the promotional release letter draft.... any ideas on changes???

Ladies and Gentlemen,

This is a VERY special project.

It has become very clear recently to all of us, that the world must work together in order to bring the Global Warming problems under control. Day in and day out our planet suffers from the effects of a rapidly changing climate.

With the focus on the greenhouse effects, BrainSt0rm has decided to join the fight and raise the public consciousness level in regards to our invaluable rainforests with the upcoming release: “Digital Rainforest,”

BrainSt0rm takes the listener into this wonderful, yet ageless, mystic realm, which is in more and more danger of falling prey to extinction every day. More importantly, 100% of the revenue generated goes directly into the “Save The Rainforest” non-profit charity organization fund.

“The goal here is to give the listener an audio mind trip directly into the heart of the Amazon. To offer refuge from the daily grind, by escaping to an exotic world of natures design.” Says BrainSt0rm’s Keith Alban.

Together with Sven Klitsch, BrainSt0rm goes deep into the ancient forests with their listeners. Defining its intricate detail and beauty in a collection of deep, tribal, and hypnotic ambient music.

“Digital Rainforest,” is currently being produced for release in Spring of 2008. Hoping that the concept of this release is well received, promotion will be critical. The more awareness we generate, the more assistance we generate for the endangered region.

“We will be extremely grateful for every CD sold and every Listener we get…”
says Sven Klitsch of BrainSt0rm. I think the time has come to Chill The Planet…on a voyage thru the “Digital Rainforest” with BrainSt0rm. From the flight deck, our best wishes go with you,

Keith Alban & Sven Klitsch,

BrainSt0rm Productions

-Chill The Planet…


Chill The Planet ©
St0rm- Admin

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Digital Rainforest
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