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 How I became St0rm...

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PostSubject: How I became St0rm...   Tue Aug 21, 2007 10:38 am

A little bit about your Jedi…

Well, I am Array of different elements. They have all been turbo injected into my life thru various different ways.

We’ll start with the background on my : How I became me.

I am 35 years old, left handed and Aquarius. Math was hard... Science rocked. And, I was always staring out the window daydreaming.

Education & Experience

As for me, Keith Alban: Personenschutzausbildung, IHK Werkschutz, EU Feuerwaffenpass, life experience.

Former police officer and US Army Sniper,
I am a protector. It is a mentality not a job. A way of life, not a profession.
I fight with intensity for the things I believe in and yet remain open minded for others opinions.

I went thru a bumpy ride growing up and landed one day @ Ft. Jackson with a shaved head and uniform on. I spent a critical phase of my life in the Military. I pushed myself beyond the norm, and became consumed with “defining the limit.”

First came Airborne, then Air Assault, then Sniper School, Then off to the M.P. SRT, and Covert Ops training. .. and before I knew it... I had found the limit.

It was all I could take to get thru. I could not have possibly gone any further then that.

Or so at least I thought.

Then came the parade, graduation, training and all of a sudden during a normal unit readiness test, I found myself on a C-130 with live ammo and the flight plan had been changed.

No need in going into detail on the places I have been or things I have done. I can tell you I asked myself back then, during an intense moment this question: “Why Me?”

That ended up being a real hard question to answer, time and time again as I found myself again, doing things we don’t need to talk about.

I decided to stay here in Germany after my depart from the Army. I came here to see Europe to SEE Europe, it does no good if you are deployed all the time. Then along came this super hot 6 foot redhead, and dude.... I was stunned.
Her name is Connie, she too is a seasoned combat veteran, she has been thru one a many “life” fights enduring the tough path by my side as we walk this once hard and bumpy road together....10 years now she has been rocking steady at my side, weathering storm after storm to get where we are today, still married, motivated, elegant and street smart.

It did lead me up to becoming a Bodyguard here in Germany and I can proudly say that I have gone from working at McDonald's to protecting the German President, and just like Bono says: I still haven’t found what I’m looking for.

Then came the calm after the st0rm. That's where the nickname comes from. I have survived one a many storms.


Great art,
great music,
dark beer,
crushed green flowers,
my beautiful wife,
children and Star Wars

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.

When I first got to Germany, I was so amazed at the difference in music. In the States, it was all very “organic” music. Grass Roots, Hip Hop, Country, Rock...all very “man made.” In Europe, the music comes alive under spacey Halogen lamps that cast a futuristic feel to the sleek, electronic sounds of Europe's “multi culti” music scene.

Late at night, if you surf around the German channels, you will come across a show that shows pictures and video footage from outer space. In the background, there is the most amazing chill out music played....this show is called Space Night. I can’t tell you how many nights have been spent glued to the “box” and just mesmerised.

It did more then entertain me as I made my way slowly but surely thru the German system, learning the language...it inspired me. As a frustrated drummer from the rock & metal scene of the 90’s, I was dying to produce music of some kind.


So I like to glaze away & let my senses take in things most people can't, I like to go Aura surfing, I try to telepathically connect with my cat. Camping, celebrating the solstices & drumming, just to name a few.

I am a dreamer, have been my whole life.
I seem to run the risk of never learning "be care what you wish for..."

I had to re-do my fourth grade year, because I was too busy designing a mass transit system for my elementary school & rocket booster chairs to fly around on during recess, to do my schoolwork.

You see, being a drummer isn’t like being a bassist. You can’t just throw on a pair of headphones and practice. You need cool neighbors, a practice room, and , and, and.

This “Chill Out” music had always been a big treasure in my life, back home, I used to listen to Hearts Of Space with my buddy back then, all stoned outta our minds on his patio deck. Enigma was gold, Enya was a goddess. Brian Eno, George Winston and Steve Roach...man these people would leave me speechless as I listened to their music.

Then along came Sven Klitsch. My best friend and Jedi campadré. We have formed BrainSt0rm Operations and are now, a “Go” for Chilling The Planet.

My music sets me free. It is the true side of Keith Alban. So catch the warm wind from the south and sail away.... wait until morning comes, then this will all seem like a dream.

Come with us and

Explore. Dream. Discover....

Keith Alban (St0rm) - Atmospherics, Dream Layering, WoW Generator operations, Precisionary Tactical Placement, Drum Programming, Ethnic Accents, Percussion, Bells, Didgeridoo, Hand Drumming, Ambient Witchcraft, Wiccan Enhancement.

Chill The Planet ©
St0rm- Admin

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How I became St0rm...
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