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 "My 3rd Eye"

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PostSubject: "My 3rd Eye"   Sat Dec 22, 2007 2:44 pm


A deep trip. Returning to the origins of BrainSt0rm, Keith & Sven managed to produce another deep ambient journey with vocals this time around.

Streng dich an um die text zu verstehen, wann du merkst dass es "zu viel" ist; Frag mal halt....Ich schike dir die text auf Deutsch.

Here are the lyrics:

"My 3rd Eye

Think about the journey...the butterflies and the laughter.

It all seems so easy to do when we think of the sunshine.

But what happens to the caves and hollows? When do we acknowledge the ancient amber? It is but a shadow of yesterday, your bones that are made of stardust. For in the cave writings, we all understand silently...running our hands along the walls. Watch the embers rise in the smoke of the fire...

Breathe in the enchanting flavour. It is through your 3rd eye that you see the calm. It is what beckons you to come to the Temple. Gaze into the night sky, I sense your very existence. Songs of your past encircle the wave in which you're riding.

Have you noticed it yet? It remains but all spoken like cryptic writings upon the tunnels of Zion. Allow the thread to spin away from the spool. It is the film as it is intended to be seen.

Fathom the presence yet? Allow the apple of your eye to melt into glazings. The ladder spirals upwards leaving you dizzy in your minds veil. Alone the torches burn outside the stepstones to the purpose.

Does the bell ring familiar? Are you aware of the scroll? What common paths lie in the overgrown bush? Lean back as you crest the horizon. It will leave you astounded, the simplicity of this...are you ready?

Come glide with me, through the tension...past the grindstone. The daily bread."

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"My 3rd Eye"
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