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 3 words -Chill The Planet-

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PostSubject: 3 words -Chill The Planet-   Fri Aug 17, 2007 6:14 pm

3 words…“Chill The Planet.“

That’s the plan. We take our sonic experiments and apply the utmost ingenuity, and development to create, polish and hand on to you the Soundscapes we define as BrainSt0rm Productions.

Imagine the hourglass…here, at BrainSt0rm Headquarters; it doesn’t make up our reality, as by most. The creation of realistic atmosphere during the journey is what counts.

Our tools consist of a wide spectrum. Native and modern, exciting and intense.

The main ingredient is Imagination.

We use the application of imagery and spoken word to summon up concepts like; journey, tranquillity, Solaris and Pegasus. We take a look at everyday things such as the horoscope or city life…then write conceptual soundtracks to these kinds of ideas.

BrainSt0rm pushes the envelope. We invest our deepest feelings and promises into this project. For Keith and Sven…BrainSt0rm defines reality and with the exception of their private lives and inspirations…everything else along the way is just part of the “ride.”

The connection that Sven and Keith share is worthy of notice. You sense that in their music.
Because throughout the wide open array of BrainSt0rm’s musical treasure chest, from deep ambient to dream style electro and beyond…one senses the harmony between the two sound designers.

We invite you to find a good opportunity to just kick back… and come with BrainSt0rm along their musical soundscapes. Travel into the world of your choice and allow us to show you that world in our eyes. Pick anything from outer space ambiance to a deep enchanted fairy forest. A fast ride with maximum elegance or a moody, jazzy session...we would like to show you how we paint the 360 degree soundscape.

Our entire philosophy is based upon the simple theory… the more it gets stressy, the more there is a need to fly away for a little while. Our intentions are to make that flight as smooth as possible. To enhance the journey. In conjunction with other elements such as; aromatherapy and creative lighting…BrainSt0rm offers a truly relaxing experience.
Wishing you the best,
Keith Alban & Sven Klitsch

Chill The Planet ©
St0rm- Admin

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3 words -Chill The Planet-
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